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Roadway Cafe – Materials: Basics

Here are the basics! Click on an element to see its requirements.
Does the City have any resources for creating setups?
Tables and Chairs


  • A barrier is required on all sides of the roadway cafe except along the sidewalk.
  • Barriers cannot be affixed to the roadway in any way.
  • The minimum height is 30 inches and the  maximum height is 42 inches, not including any plantings.
  • The minimum width is 4 inches.
  • Only water-filled barriers are allowed unless an alternate fill material is permitted by NYC DOT. Barriers must be filled to a minimum of 150 pounds per linear foot of barrier.
  • Barriers must be interconnected.
  • A 4 inch wide reflective strip must be included along the outward facing side of each barrier for the entire perimeter of the setup.
  • Additional cladding for aesthetic purposes is permitted. Cladding must be securely attached to the barrier. Review additional cladding requirements.
  • A barrier may alternatively comply with NYC DOT specifications that match or exceed the above requirements.
  • No advertising, however, the name and logo of the establishment permitted. Review graphic and branding requirements.

Tables and Chairs

  • Must be easily removable and lightweight.
  • Cannot be permanently affixed to the roadway.
  • Must be located to allow for service of patrons solely from within the perimeter of the roadway cafe.
  • Must be ADA-compliant.
Tables and Chairs


  • All roadway cafes must meet ADA requirements.
  • Flooring is not required, but where it is not used you will need to provide an ADA-compliant ramp to allow access to the roadway cafe.
  • If you wish to use flooring, review the requirements.